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#Winning website copy that attracts, informs, enchants & converts.


Just like a bronc rider in the rodeo, hitting that 8-second mark for staying on is critical for the win when it comes to your website! While design plays a significant role in contributing to that, your website content plays an equally important part.

FACT: 81% of shoppers research their product online before making a purchase.

Writing #winning website copy incorporates these three key components:

  • Quickly communicating the solutions you provide;
  • Having a consistent “brand voice”; and
  • Optimizing for search engines.

The first words a website visitor sees needs to be both informative and engaging copy that’s going to quickly grab their attention. If you can get the reader to stay on for eight seconds, chances are you’ve been successful in gaining their interest and moving them closer toward being a customer.

A lot of thought and strategy goes into the development of website content — especially the all-important “home” page. Sharp, snappy phraseology should complement and support the imagery and overall design aesthetic, culminating in delivering a “gripping” message that sizzles on the screen.

If your website isn’t engaging, convincing, and easy to navigate, chances are good you’ll lose that sale.

But how does your website copy play into that?

You never get a second chance to make a first impression

When someone visits your website, it’s because they have a problem or need and are looking for a solution. You’ve got eight seconds to communicate your message, show experience, and build confidence. Otherwise — POOF! they’re gone, likely never to return. A successful messaging strategy will be designed to both resonate and intrigue the reader to keep them moving along the customer journey.

How to get to website copy that sells and converts!

FACT: 74% of online shoppers get frustrated by websites with content that doesn’t directly relate to their needs and interests.

From that initial website interaction, each page should follow a consistent path leading prospects from curious visitor to devoted customer. Effective website copy should inform prospects of what they need to know to consider working with you. We incorporate a multi-step process in addressing the home page copy for client websites that starts with engaging the reader by addressing their pain points, then moves on to educate and inform by sharing your value proposition, finally landing with a plan on how to best convert them to potential customers.

Website Content Strategy Is Important

Identify the unique selling point you want to convey in each section

FACT: 57% of online shoppers say “lack of information about product” is their primary reason for abandoning an online purchase.

Each section of your homepage should be considered a mini-commercial promoting your services and products, delivering a specific message that identifies the value proposition you want to share and intrigue customers to then navigate deeper into your website. This also provides an opportunity to populate your home page copy with those all-important keyword search terms to help your website rank higher in online searches.

Pay special attention to your website content’s headers and subheaders

Google surely does — but not for the reasons you might think. While short and pithy headers might be fun for your visitors to read, you’re also writing for your friend, “Google” and like compatriots. Headings and subheadings should be very clear about the subject matter in the paragraph its introducing. This allows search engines to understand the content and rank it better. It’s okay to err on the side of longer headers that provide a fuller picture of what prospects will learn about your company on that page.

Make time to optimize your website content for online searches

FACT: 53% of all site traffic comes from organic searches (results naturally generated and not influenced by commercial relationships or paid advertising).

We had a client who believed less is more when it came to their website copy. However, that can hurt your chances of being found online when someone searches for the products and services you provide. Your website content needs to tell your story using everyday language and with an eye toward search optimization, a process that includes descriptive captions and titles for gallery pages and file names, adding alt text and tagging images with key search terms (a big plus for Google and other search engines), and strategically sprinkling keywords into your text.

Fab Brands has provided sharp, scintillating content for Portland-area websites for over a decade. We employ strategies that help your homepage stand out in search engine rankings and convert prospects into loyal customers. Let’s talk about how we can help you develop a winning website content strategy for your business!



Posted on

April 27, 2021