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Building FTS Computer Repair’s Brand-New Website


We recently partnered with Jolene Medeiros, owner of FTS Computer Repair in Florence on the Southern Oregon coast, to create a brand-new website experience for her customers. Being in the IT and computer repair world, Jolene knew that her customers expected her to remain at the forefront of all things digital — including having a customer-friendly website with a fresh, contemporary look that better showcased the services she provides.

Step 1: Developing Her Brand Identity

The first thing we did was get to know Jolene, the services she offered, and the vibe she wanted to project to the community. We quickly learned that she wanted to present herself as professional and knowledgeable, yet laid-back and approachable. The branding and messaging we developed reflected this balance. We used color schemes and photos that invited customers to learn more about Jolene and FTS.

After a short discussion about the direction I was looking for, they redesigned my webpage with a sleek modern look. They knew what I needed and wanted better than I did myself.

— Jolene

Step 2: Mapping Out Her Brand-New Website

The next thing we did was review the previous FTS website to determine how we could provide a better customer experience. We combined content from several pages and created a couple of new pages to offer visitors a clearer road map of who FTS is and how they can assist the Southern Oregon Coast clientele it serves. We kept her customer base top of mind throughout our planning, ensuring a smooth customer journey without the “Geek Speak” that Jolene purposely avoids in everything she does.

Step 3: Creating a Unique Website Experience

This part of the process is where our creative genius, Jim Parker, gets to shine. He took the branding messaging and website road map that Jolene sought and brought it to the screen. He designed a bright, airy, and modern-looking website that catches the eye and draws visitors into the experience.

Step 4: Fine-Tuning Her Website

Once everything got put together on our developmental website, we gave Jolene the keys for a quick test-drive. We also put in the QA work to test the site’s functionality and fix any mistakes and glitches we discovered. Using her feedback and our keen eye for detail, we honed everything to prepare her brand-new website for its debut.

They always asked my input and followed up with me in a timely manner. I was able to suggest edits along the way, which was fun. Overall, the process was very streamlined and done in a timely manner.

— Jolene

Step 5: Launching Her Brand-New Website

On August 28, we pushed the Go button and made her website live. We are so proud of the work we put into this new website, and we’re sure you’ll agree. Check it out at ftscomputerrepair.com.

In addition, we’re already hard at work on our next project for Jolene and FTS. We’re taking the fresh look presented on her brand-new website and exporting it to her print materials, starting with business cards and customer brochures.

It was a pleasure working with Fab Brands. All the staff are knowledgeable and efficient! They are extremely friendly, professional, and easy to work with—so much so that I had them do my business cards and brochures as well! I highly recommend this company!

— Jolene

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September 9, 2020