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Creating a Road Map for Refreshing Your Website

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Your website serves as the only member of your business that works 24/7. Just as you have annual employee evaluations to review their performance, so should you periodically review the performance of your website to ensure its work is up to snuff.

Has your content become stale? Graphics and images out-of-date? Is your website mobile friendly and ready for the nearly 60 percent of users who conduct online searches on mobile devices? Does your website engage visitors and cater to your desired visitors’ needs?

Most important, how well is your website converting visitors to customers, and customers to loyal brand ambassadors?

The answers to these questions should guide your decision whether your website meets today’s standards, requires a simple refresh, or needs a complete overhaul to best reflect your company’s goals and identity.

It’s OK if you go for a light touch at first when refreshing your website, just focusing on the homepage and specific pages. You can decide later that you want to go further to expand the website, adding pages for products or services you want to highlight more.

Here at Fab Brands, whether you want to go fast or slow, we have a road map that we like to follow when working with a client to whip their website into tip-top shape.


First, we have an introductory meeting where we get to know you. We learn what makes you and your company tick, what strategies you’ve employed in the past, what goals you have, and where you see your company one…two…five years down the road.

After this initial discussion, we’ll study your website and Google Analytics metrics, looking for which pages have high bounce and exit rates and low conversion rates and page views, as well as which are your high-traffic pages that we can leverage for longer dwell times. We’ll also determine how you rank on search engines like Google and Bing and how much of your traffic is organic.


Armed with our research, we’ll sit down as a team and sketch out what your new website will look like. We’ll determine what we think is the best journey that provides visitors the necessary information to convert them from browser to customer. We’ll create two to three initial designs for you to consider, and then we’ll fine-tune the look and feel that best supports the brand experience you want to project after refreshing your website and provides the best user experience.


This is where our team really gets to shine. While Creative Principal Jim Parker sits down and designs powerful and eye-popping layouts, Head Copywriter René Ferrán puts a refreshing take on your existing content and crafts memorable new copy. Then, it’s Web Designer Damon Hart’s turn, taking concepts and content and bringing them to life on the screen.

Review and Fine Tune

Now, it’s your turn to test-drive the latest model of your website and provide us feedback. You are the subject matter expert, and your input is an invaluable part of the process.  Even the best artisan knows they can overlook something that only a person invested in the success of their business might see. We welcome your feedback to make sure your refreshed website meets your needs.


Now that we’ve fine-tuned, tested, and perfected your website, it’s time for your closeup! Launch day is always an exciting time, and it might make sense to launch a promotional campaign in conjunction with the unveiling. Your new website can provide a great impetus for expanding awareness of your business, making it easier for customers to see and understand the services and products you offer and drive more sales.


As your 24/7 salesperson, your website still might need occasional tweaks for upcoming promotions or upkeep, so it doesn’t fall down on the job. We can work with you to keep your content fresh and offer a monthly maintenance program that protects your investment, backing up your data and performing vital software and security updates.

Time For a Rebrand?

Maybe your website needs a bit more than just a refresh… it needs a complete design overhaul! We love creating brand new websites for our clients and giving their brand a fresh updated look.

Ready to start exploring how refreshing or rebranding your website can elevate your business, better support your marketing efforts, and increase sales?  Let’s talk!


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August 5, 2020