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9 Ways a New Website can be a Business Game Changer.

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A new or updated website can be a game changer in creating excitement around your business and drive more sales. Here’s a look at 9 reasons why a new website is a smart business move.

  1. Click with tablet and mobile users. New sites are responsive for tablet and mobile devices and at least half of your visitors are on them. A better user experience = a higher chance they’ll click for you!
  2. Improved search rankings. An up to the minute design infrastructure and fresh content helps get your content indexed and can give your website a boost in organic search engine rankings.
  3. Make it a lead generating powerhouse. A new website can be designed specifically for lead generation and drive more conversions and sales. Does your current site have a sales strategy baked in?
  4. Get fresh with your customers. Show off your latest services and products and highlight them with a fresh new look and feel.
  5. Be an easy find online. Nearly 70% of customers shop or conduct research online before making a purchase. Customers who don’t find you online will buy from someone else!
  6. Works for you 24/7. It upsells for you – no pushy salesmen needed, and it advertises when you sleep.
  7. Design drives results. Improved navigation will make it easier for your customers to find services and products.
  8. Get touchy/feely. Add new technology to your website: Interactive maps, product finders, service widgets, etc. to make it more “sticky” and effective.
  9. Show off your best! Stop being embarrassed to send people to your company website.

Your website is one of your company’s most valuable assets and should be an active contributor toward your business growth and sales. After all, it’s the only member of your team that works for you 24/7!

Fab Brands builds websites that are engaging and effective marketing tools. Click through to our website design page to view some of the sites we’ve designed. The styles are very diverse, with the look and feel driven by the brand experience the company wants to put forward. Fab Brands is an award-winning agency and has been recognized as one of Top Portland Web Design Companies by DesignRush.

Interested in talking about how we can boost your business with a new website? Give us a call at 503-697-1891 or click on the “Let’s Talk” button. We’ll full of fresh ideas for you!


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June 8, 2020