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Why You Need an Accessibility Statement on Your Website


There’s no doubt that the internet is an integral part of our daily life. However, where the internet shines in many areas, it often fails to be inclusive for individuals with disabilities. That’s why including an accessibility statement on your website is an essential step. 

An accessibility statement shows you are committed to providing equal access to everyone who visits your website. Your accessibility statement should outline known issues to site visitors, provide them with somewhere to submit feedback, and demonstrate a commitment to inclusivity. Not only does this improve the user experience, but it also reflects positively on your brand. Additionally, it helps to mitigate legal risks associated with non-compliance.

A study by SEMRUSH found that 73% of websites that implemented accessibility standards, experienced, on average, a 12% increase in organic traffic.

Creating an accessible website requires dedication. An public accessibility statement helps you demonstrate your business’ dedication by showing the actions you’ve taken, along with your long-term goals.

What We Include in a Client’s Accessibility Statement: 

1. Why You Care: We begin by explaining why your business is committed to web accessibility.

2. Compliance Statement: We state that the web accessibility standards of your website adhere to the WCAG (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines) and otherwise provide a formal statement of compliance, assuring users that your website follows accessibility guidelines.

3. User Feedback: We provide users with actionable steps to provide feedback, ask questions, or request assistance regarding web accessibility. 

4. Progress Updates: We note your commitment to continuous improvement and regular updates to consistently enhance the accessibility of your website.

5. Third-Party Content: If your site includes third-party content that may not be fully accessible, we acknowledge this and provide contact information for reporting issues related to that content.

6. Accessibility Features: We describe the specific accessibility features available on your website and explain how users can access your content using assistive technologies, such as screen readers. An estimated 7.3 million individuals with disabilities rely on assistive technology like screen readers to access the web. We also provide a list of known accessibility barriers your website may present and how your business is working to eliminate them over time.

With a comprehensive accessibility statement created by Fab Brands, and working to continuously provide web accessibility best practices, your business contributes to a more inclusive and equitable digital landscape. You also tap into a vast customer base that may have been previously excluded and protect your business from a potential non-compliance lawsuit. Let’s take a collective step toward a digital future where everyone can participate, engage, and thrive online. Reach out to our FAB-ulous team to get started on your accessibility statement today!


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October 30, 2023