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5 Reasons You Should Reach For That Award

In case you missed it, last spring we received a Corporate Vision MarTech Award, and were named the best “visual” design agency in the Pacific Northwest! Awards might sometimes seem unattainable, time-consuming to apply for, and just otherwise not worth the effort. But we want to share with you how awards can be a marketing tool that truly packs a punch!

Here are ‘5 Reasons Why’ you should aim to get an award too:

  1. Credibility: Let’s be honest, who are potential clients more likely to choose to work with: the business with or without an award? Potential clients will believe in your business and its abilities more immediately when you have an award to your name.
  2. Morale Boost: You and your employees will feel proud, valued, and accomplished for all your hard work paying off. The impossible will seem possible once you receive an award!
  3. Exposure: Your business’ name will get a FREE marketing boost by being featured on the award’s website.
  4. Word of mouth: With all the buzz about your new award, your clients will proudly tell their peers about your award winning business. Imagine them beaming with pride as they talk about your business and that they GET to work with. Just like that, client referrals will increase!
  5. Employee retention & recruitment: Employees will be more likely to stick around if they’re working for an award winning business (especially if they helped the business achieve that award). They’ll also be more likely to recruit their friends to work for you as well because your business will be seen as a prestigious place to work.


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August 16, 2022