Press Release Tips to get you Noticed

Press Release Tips for a Digital World

Press Release TipsIt’s no longer business as usual in the PR world. Now that everything has gone digital, people have the ability to inundate reporters with press release, after lame press release… And they ARE inundated, which means that your press release really has to catch their attention as they are scanning the email inbox.

What makes a good press release? I frequently hear the excited words trip off a client’s tongue: “Let’s send out a press release!” about some new aspect of their businessWhile the “news” might be exciting to them personally, the question to ask is: “Will the general population and media find this of real interest?” That is the litmus test that your release idea needs to pass first.

To stand out in a sea of press releases — you have to make your news remarkable. Tying it to current trends is one of the most effective ways to get a reporter’s attention. Look at the news and see what the hot stories are in your industry or neighborhood. Is there someway your “story” aligns with this? Or, is your business doing something extraordinary?

Don’t send out a press release just for the sake of sending out a press release. That’s a waste of time and it certainly isn’t a good way to build credibility with a report.

Hubspot published a very informative article with ideas on what it takes to craft a press release that can stand out and get noticed! We do need to change our thinking about PR these days if we want to see any results.