PR Tips for Small Businesses

Increase Exposure and Credibility with Public Relations

FAB Marketing Group PR ServicesAdding a public relations element to your marketing efforts can be one of the most cost-effective ways to increase exposure in the marketplace and drive traffic to your business and website. A major component of a public relations campaign is the press release. Researching, writing and distributing a press release requires a modest upfront investment, yet can yield significant results. You could find your business featured on a local or national TV show or radio news report, or featured in print and online publications. And, with pretty much every media outlet having an online presence, the news story can live on for years on the internet, helping your business stand taller in search engine rankings.

Compelling content is King.

The key to securing this valuable media coverage is to make sure the subject matter in the press release is content that editors would feel is of value and interest to their readers. Many newspapers have had to scale back on staff reporters, so they welcome timely and well-written content they can use to fill their pages.

Timing is critical to PR success.

To get your story picked up, it’s imperative that it’s timely and relevant. FAB Marketing Group produced excellent results for client, Lasting Connections, when we sent out a press release about their search for a mate for a millionaire bachelor client. And, in this case, the latest season of ABC’s The Bachelor just wrapped up and NBC was touting their new show, “Ready for Love” that features three of the countries top matchmakers and dating coaches. So the topic of dating and matchmakers were a hot topic across the country. And, because of that, just this one press release was able to net TV and radio interviews, along with a magazine article for Lasting Connections — netting the client more than $10,000 in free media exposure.

Click here to watch the video story Portland Monthly Magazine was inspired to produce.

Position yourself as an industry expert.

“How-To” press releases are very popular and usually get a good response. They are an excellent addition to your marketing mix that helps increase credibility and builds customer loyalty. This type of press release allows you to be of service to the reader (you’re giving them helpful information) while positioning your company as a content or industry expert. And, because the resulting media is not in the form of an ad, its message carries more weight with consumers and deemed more trustworthy.

Are you read for your turn in the spotlight?

Our FAB Media Packages include an initial client interview, research, writing and distribution to our specially curated list of media professionals.

    Local PR — Distributed to our exclusive list of more than 50 Portland-area media outlets and personalities.

    National PR — Distributed to our local list mentioned above, PLUS 3,000 US newspapers and 1,500 magazines.

    Additional Distribution Services — We can also create a custom distribution list for businesses that want to reach specific niche categories and industry publications.

    Media Pitching — Personalized pitch to select media contacts.

If you’re interested in learning how a public relations campaign can raise your business profile, contact us at FAB Marketing Group.

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