Getting Personal on Facebook to Grow Your Business

Blurring the lines between personal and business with social media.


Well… some lines are better left unblurred.

Some camps feel that you absolutely should keep your personal and business Facebook lives separate. And if you’re one of those folks, that’s perfectly fine. But…

Having a company Facebook thing is a good thing and we’re all for it. Done correctly, getting personal via Facebook can be a boon to your business. And, if you’re just starting your business this may be a vital way to build a company following.

Many public figures use their personal Facebook profile to promote themselves and their business — in their case, it’s because they ARE the brand. Two such examples are Mari Smith, Facebook marketing expert, author and speaker and Brian Carter, author of LinkedIn for Business, Social Media Expert and Comedian. He’s got a great sense of humor and is just plain fun to follow on Facebook!

So, if you are amenable to blurring those lines, there are some simple strategies you can use to leverage the activities in your personal profile to benefit your business and build relationships with future, current and past customers.

Making it personal and allowing your own personality to show up gives you the opportunity to build trust and respect with your professional contacts.

There are some rules you need to follow on your personal Facebook page to make this work:

  1. Don’t let it all “hang out.”
  2. Don’t post anything you don’t want the general public to know about. This means, you shouldn’t post that photo of you and your best friend Charlie in Cabo after you’ve had one too many at Cabo Wabo.
  3.  Keep it positive.
  4. Keep it professional, yet personable.
  5. Let yourself shine! That’s why people buy from you, hire you or subscribe to you anyway. No matter what you’re selling, in the long run, they’re buying because of you!

Here are a couple of Facebook post ideas to get you started:

Facebook photo tag

Tag company photos.

When you post a company photo on your personal Facebook page, you can tag people in it that you’re friends with. Even if the photo was posted a long time ago, you can revive it by tagging people now which brings it back into the news feed. The people tagged get notified and it may also get into their news feeds, thus starting the cycle of distribution, getting likes and engagement.

Make sure you tag responsibly and only tag people who are in the photo.

Give a Colleague a Shout-Out

Have a colleague who got a promotion, new job or went above and beyond and deserves some extra recognition? Give them a shout out on your personal page. This reflects well on you and your company — showing cohesiveness and that you are generous to want the best for others.

Share Special Moments

Something exciting happen at work? Let the world know. After all the news about crime, war and disease, a little positive news is welcome. Or simply check into a company event. Share a photo of a behind the scenes look at your company — people love insider views!

Now go forth and grow your business and make it personal!


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