Top Tips to Increase Facebook Post Views

Boost your business Facebook post views with these four FAB tips!

Has your post activity and views have decreased? Not to worry, there are some tactics you can use to get those numbers back up.

FAB tips to help you increase Facebook post views and stay connected with your followers:

Facebook interest lists

Ask followers to add your page to one of their “Interest Lists.”

1. Interest lists. Ask people to add your page to their Interest Lists. It’s easy to do: they go to your page, click on the down arrow just below your cover photo on the far right and select the “Add to Interest Lists” option. People can create a myriad of custom lists such as “favorite local shops” to “Social Media Experts” to “favorite sports teams.” Once they add your page to one of their interest lists, Facebook will push updates from the pages in the list to their wall on a regular basis.

2. Pages feed. Last year, Facebook launched a new “Pages Feed.” This is located in the left hand column on your Facebook page. Just click on it to view the latest posts by the pages you follow.

3. Boost a post. If you have business page, you’ll see this option below each of your posts. Facebook now gives you the opportunity to pay to push posts to your followers for as little at $5. It’s a very economical way to get your posts at the top of your fans news feeds.

4. Interesting and eye-catching content!!  It always comes back to content. No matter what else you do to get information about your business out there, your content HAS to be interesting and sharable to earn social shares and make your news go viral. What do your followers care about? What information can you share that will educate, entertain or enlighten in some way? If your target audience is other business owners, what tips can you share that will help with key business challenges? If your audience is Mothers who work at home — what ideas can you share that will provide value to them while positioning you an industry authority? In other words… how can you leave them wanting even more from you?

Email if you have any questions or would like to chat about how you can stay top-of-mind with your customers using Facebook.

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