Gripping SEO tips!

Hi folks,

Just sharing a few random search engine optimization tips today. It’s been way too long since I’ve posted!

1. Start with keyword research.

2. Know your visitors: who are researchers, who are browsers, who are buyers? What stage are they in the sales cycle and is your messaging designed to convert all of them?

3. Keywords don’t always mean what you think. You need to consider intent.

4. Write for your audience first, search engines second. You need to get the reader engaged in your message before conversion can happen!

5. Don’t forget about the WIIFM – “What’s in it for me?” Tell readers what the benefits are of working with you or choosing to purchase your product.

6. Keep your copy brief, but engaging; keywords should not be obvious. Seriously, there is no magic amount of text and keywords!

7. Use GRIPPING power words that encourage action: Writing persuasive copy to sell services and products requires more than just stating the facts. Certain words just plain draw more attention — free, thank you, save, you, discount, exclusive, please, act now, respond, deal, private, confidential, bonus, new, advanced, compare and gripping!


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