Tips to make your e-newsletter a “must-read.”

Wondering how to make YOUR e-newsletter stand out in a crowded marketplace?

e-newsletter, email marketingThe ultimate goal is to create an e-newsletter that your contact list will look forward to. Ask yourself, “What content and offers can I provide that readers will feel is really valuable?” — then, make a list!

You can’t see the picture when you are in the frame, so a little insight from your fans will help you better understand why they like your brand and what would make them love you even more. Ask some of your more creative readers what they would like to see different or added to your communications. What can you provide them in the future that you’re aren’t now?

Looks to others for ideas.

Are there any newsletters in particular that you look forward to reading? Take a note from them. What are they doing that gets your attention and has made you a loyal subscriber? Read on for strategies on how you can get your e-newsletter on the “best-read” list.

There are two primary components to creating a “must-read” e-newsletter.

One is great design.

  • Make it a reflection of your brand identity, featuring your company logo, graphics and color scheme.
  • Layout should clean, easy to read, with well-defined spaces for articles.
  • Include an offer.
  • Provide multiple opportunities to connect further with your brand through website and social media links.
  • Keep in mind that people are inundated with information these days and attention spans are limited, so keep articles short. If it’s a longer article, show one or two paragraphs in the newsletter with a click through to your website so they can read the rest. Make sure those first two paragraphs are riveting!

Good content is the other. Here are some ideas on what to include:

  • Special discounts for your e-newsletter subscribers only. (Make them feel special!)
  • Breaking industry news.
  • Helpful how-to’s.
  • Insider access to your product, company or industry.
  • Humor. We can always use a laugh.
  • Quotes from industry experts to add credibility.

Parting tips

  • Make your e-newsletter readers feel special and like an “insider.” That will go a long way toward building brand loyalty and driving sales.
  • Always keep it professional looking. Anything less than a professional appearance will detract from your company’s credibility and the message. You can actually lose customers with a poorly executed e-newsletter.

Sample newsletters

Here are a few sample newsletters that are fully-branded, offer value to readers, include SEO or Search Engine Optimization strategies, provide helpful how-to’s and have multiple ways to connect with the brand through website and social media links.

GruntWorks Home Services newsletter

Lasting Connections newsletter

VX Vineyard Wine newsletter



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