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Digital Banner Ads That Drive Results!

Fab Brands offers complete static and animated banner ad design services — from concept to creation. Whether your ads will run on Google Display Network or Bing Display, Facebook or Instagram, you can count on Fab Brands to deliver creativity that make your brand stand out!

Get More Clicks with Animated Banner Ads

Digital advertising is a must-have tool to promote your business today! However, you need a fresh and memorable form of digital advertising to break through the noise of your customer’s digitally dominated life.

Animated banner ads (online display ads) are the best way to increase engagement with your customers. Why? An animated banner ad is fun and attracts the viewer’s attention with movement, causing them to stop to see what your brand has to say. Additionally, an animated banner ad enables you to communicate more information than a traditional static banner ad.

What can an animated banner ad help your business accomplish?

  • Make you stand out from the competition
  • Easily and visually explain complex products or services
  • Raise brand awareness
  • Increase your conversion rate
  • Grow your sales
  • Give you a higher clickthrough rate
  • Help launch a new product or service


We believe in the power of animation!

Animated banner ads give us access to unlimited creativity in how we introduce your brand, products, services, and ideas. You’ll love receiving a better ROI when you choose to create an animated banner ad.

How much better? On average, animated banner ads earn a 1.5x higher clickthrough rate than static banner ads. Making animated banner ads is also easier and quicker than filming traditional video ads as it only involves graphic design work.

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When are static ads more effective for your business?

When your business is just starting out or rebranding itself, static ads become a powerful tool. They are the easiest to create and best to use when making first contact with potential customers. Static ads can quickly help you identify and narrow down your target audience with simple messaging that attracts a wider range of potential customers. We create static banner ads with a straightforward and eye-catching message.

Static ads have also been known to be more versatile because they have a naturally smaller file size. However, this is quickly becoming less prominent as we develop ways to make animated ads with smaller file sizes.

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Get to know your customers on a micro level with social media advertising

Social media advertising allows you to more efficiently reach potential customers who may benefit from your products or services. Unlike search engine ads (on Google or Bing) that rely on keywords, social media ads target users based on their interests, behaviors, and other demographic data. Social media ads are thus able to reach people who would love your brand but may simply not know that your brand exists.

You’ll get instant visibility! Where do your potential customers happily spend a lot of their time? They spend it on social media, of course! The high visibility that social media naturally delivers often helps reduce the cost of advertising on social media by giving you a quicker ROI.

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