Choosing the best provider to create your marketing materials.

Make sure that brochure does its fair share of creating sales for you!

First, I would ask you, “What do youFAB Marketing Tip want your marketing materials to do?” And, most of you would say, “Drive sales” or “Get more customers.” Good answer!

Typically, you have 5 to 7 seconds to get the attention of a reader/potential customer and you have to use that time wisely. Your marketing piece needs to do three things fast — tell them:

  1. What problems you solve or needs you fill for your customer (tell people what you can DO for them). There are many approaches; here are two examples: “Losing your hair?” (Questions are always a good way to allow potential customers to self-identify themselves as a match for your services); or “Today’s hottest hair styles by the city’s top stylists.” (This one promotes both a feature and a benefit.
  2. Who you are. ie. Who your company is, what you’re really good at and why customers love you.
  3. How to find you to get that service or product.

The average person will scan your marketing piece quickly and if they don’t see something that speaks to them graphically or with copy, they will move on.

Here’s the hard truth: You need more than “pretty” marketing materials to get sales.

Pretty is nice, but pretty doesn’t guarantee you an effective sales tool that will get more customers in the door.

If sales truly are your end goal, find a professional who is adept at creating persuasive sales materials.

They usually work in partnership with a graphic designer that can make your materials look exceptional. With these combined talents, they can create a marketing piece that will engage, convince and convert customers!

Here are a few FAB tips on creating a great sales piece that will produce results and have lasting power. It should:

  • Represent your company’s brand identity and core values — visually, graphically and through the words you choose to use.
  • Speak to the main pain points or needs of your potential customer. They need to quickly identify if you have services that can help solve a problem or fill a need. Those items need to be in your headers!
  • Devote more space to promoting your primary services or highest revenue-producing services. If you devote half the space to a service that brings in 5% of your revenue, you’re wasting valuable “real estate.” And, people may get a mistaken impression about what your primary services are if they are not weighted appropriately in your marketing materials.
  • Present personal benefits in a heartfelt way, if possible. Most purchasing decisions are made on an emotional level, so if your copy and design can get personal, you’ll be all the more closer to closing the sale.
  • Use graphics that represent your target audiences so they can self-identity if you can serve them. For example, if you are own a hair salon that caters to young clientele who seek trendy hair styles, that’s exactly what should be represented in your marketing materials.
  • Differentiate you from the competition (in a subtle way, without bashing them).

Look for a marketing professional with experience in creating branded sales materials that can will engage the reader, showcase your services and how you can solve a problem or fill a need, and then entice the reader to take action.


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